Robin E. Blair

Robin knew she wanted to be an Architect from a very early age, as far back as she can remember. Robin grew up in Princeton, New Jersey and lived in Austin, Texas and attended high school in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She applied and was accepted to the Architectural program at the University of Oregon, which is the beginning of the story of how she ended up in Oregon.

Robin graduated with a professional degree in Architecture in 2002 from Oregon. After graduation, Robin was hired on as an Architectural Intern at Weston Miles Architects in Morgan Hill, California. To make ends meet, she worked a second job at Starbucks Coffee until she gained enough skill she could contribute to the business and was promoted to Job Captain. It was at Weston Miles where Robin began the rigorous Intern Development Program (IDP) that you must complete before you can sit for the exams. Robin also achieved LEED AP certification here.

At Weston Miles Robin had the opportunity to work on some amazing projects that included multi-family housing, commercial buildings, and the full restoration of an abandoned Granary that was converted into modern offices.

In 2004, her fiancé at the time (now husband) took a job in Sacramento and she followed, where she was hired on at Rainforth Grau and Associates as a Job Captain. Robin completed the IDP program here and passed all of the exams, becoming a licensed Architect in 2007.

Rainforth Grau specialized in K-12 schools and Robin was responsible for major school construction projects with budgets in the millions of dollars. Robin acted as the representative on behalf of the local school districts to ensure taxpayer money was spent efficiently.

Robin and her husband chose to move to Portland, Oregon in 2008 and Robin decided to start her own firm. Since that time, Robin has specialized in residential remodels, new construction, and commercial projects. She has an excellent team works with and loves calling the Northwest home.

Robin has three young boys, age 8, 6, and 4 and when she is not busy with them and her work, she enjoys sailing, running, and cooking.

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